About Us

We are GRID Powr. Our mission is provide renewable and sustainable energy solutions which benefit the planet, and empower governments and local communities across the world. We believe in reducing global emissions and creating a healthier, more sustainable world for everyone.

For 25 years we have been devoted to creating a clean energy solution to rival the performance of fossil fuels, while also tackling a mounting surge in local environmental issues. We have built an adaptable, agile company spearheaded by a brilliant executive management team. Our waste-to-energy technology is now the best in its class, and we have strong support from councils across Europe backing our product.

Our motto is “Reuse and Recover”. We care about the environment, so we’ve put that motto into action building a renewable solution which not only benefits governments and communities, but also our planet.

GRID Powr is about transformative technology for a better world, and we’ve taken our first steps.

Something on Your Mind?

If you’re a council member looking for new waste and energy solutions, a potential investor, or just a curious techie with some questions about our product, you can reach us directly through our contact form.

You can also visit our Contact page for further details.