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Trg celjskih knezov 9, Celje,

3000 Celje

Office of the Mayor

Sub: Confirmation of the implementation and the outcomes of the Toplarna Celje Project

We hereby confirm that the Consortium of the companies Kiv Engineering d.o.o. Cmc d.d. and Mollier d.o.o. led by Mr Ivo Kreča took part in the international tender regarding the construction of RCERO Phase II, the “Municipal Waste Management System RCERO II” in the area of the Municipality of Celje. The Consortium won the tender as the selected bidder.

The Toplarna Celje Project was fully and successfully implemented in accordance with the tender requirements. The Project that has been in continuous operation ever since 2010 has achieved all the guaranteed values concerning the capacities and the energy output.

Year Quantity of RDF Produced el. Power Mwh Produced ther. Power Mwh
2012 23.079 6.125 22.427
2013 23.006 7.791 30.002
2014 23.873 7.487 36.093
2015 23.906 7.731 33.298
2016 25.851 8.797 36.794
2017 28.366 9.489 35.960

Moreover, all standards in the field of emissions have also been achieved throughout this period. The overview of air emissions demonstrates annual half-hourly average values measured that are even difficult to detect and are far below the allowed half-hourly limit values.

Mg/Nm3 Dust TOC HCl CO NOx SO2
Permitted annual values 20 20 30 100 350 150
Average annual values measured 1,71 0,67 1,04 3 122,66 0,50

Celje, 26 June 2018                                                                                           Mayor Bojan Šrot                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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