Environmental Impact

GRID Powr plant emissions are less than 20% of EU requirements, and our technology performs better than any rival product on the market. Why? Because our goal isn’t just to generate clean energy – it’s to actively reduce our planet’s soaring carbon footprint.
Regulation and Requirements

GRID Powr plants are not a new and untested technology. We have multiple plants in operation within the EU, and they are fully compliant with:


EU Standards for Waste Management (WMD)


Waste Incineration (WID)


Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (IPPC) directives


Advanced Thermal Treatment (Combustion) BAT technologies recognised by DECC

We have a full understanding of the legal, planning, and environmental compliance procedures of both the EU and the UK.
The Waste-Energy Correlation

In the waste sector, the ideal solution is prevention. If waste can be removed from the equation, then the environment thrives. Naturally prevention is limited, but it is the first line of defence. The industry then progresses to minimisation, reusing & recycling, and eventually energy extraction.

While the UK government is hugely supportive of our efficient energy recovery process, we are strong proponents of the previous stages in the waste cycle. We take whatever is leftover and yield more energy – more cleanly – than any other technology on the market.

In the energy sector, waste is collected and processed as standard practise. Our solution can therefore be integrated into the process without disruption and provide significantly improved energy returns from this processed waste. In the context of the waste and energy crisis, we couldn’t have designed a better solution.

Committed to the Environment

Our energy extraction process eliminates up to 90% of all waste and our low-carbon generation means significantly reduced emissions. As a renewable energy source, our technology provides crucial national benefits in terms of waste, emissions, and global warming.

Something on Your Mind?

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