Management Team

GRID Powr’s waste-to-energy technology is the best in its class. We’ve worked tirelessly with our suppliers in the development of our renewable product, and our flagship European plants have been in operation for nearly 10 years. We pride ourselves not only on the unrivalled quality of our technology, but also our ability to deliver low CAPEX projects with solid financial returns.

The success of every project is down to the peerless leadership and driving passion of our executive management team.

Meet the Team

GRID Powr is managed by a core group of financial, business, and technology experts. Our three leaders – Allan, Ross, and Ivo – have nearly a century of experience between them and each is an established leader in their field.

Our operations are efficiently run, with the executive team engaging with GRID’s agile teams at every level to offer direction and support. By aligning all team members with the stakeholder’s vision for every project, we position ourselves optimally for successful delivery. The extensive working knowledge of our executive team is also applied to create roadmaps and deliverables which are both accurate and realistic. Under exceptional management, our projects run on time and within budget.

Our strategic network of suppliers is a crucial pillar of our business, and their implicit trust between both parties is testament to the strong leadership and vision of the GRID Powr team. Combined with the depth and breadth of competencies embodied by our technical team, we have earned our reputation for excellence in delivering projects of this standard.

We achieve seamless turnkey solutions by bringing together all of our suppliers, engineers, and staff under the insightful management of this executive team.

Allan Barton

Executive Chairman of GRID Powr. Director and Global leader at Arup Resource and Waste

Allan is a legend in the waste-to-energy industry. He has become an inspirational leader over his 30-year career, helping countless clients to exceed their visions and goals. Moreover, he harbours a true devotion to creating a healthier, better world for all of us to live in.


Ross Doyle

Managing Director and CFO

Our Managing Director is a proven business executive and startup expert, playing an instrumental role in the management and development of global projects over a 25-year career. With 10 years working as CFO of Coal at Glencore, Ross built up a critical understanding of energy processes. His strategic, commercial, and financial insight is a driving force for GRID Powr.


Ivo Kreca

Chief Technical Officer

Ivo has personally managed over 400 sites in the waste industry. His engineering knowledge and natural leadership have helped him drive the waste-to-energy industry forwards over his 30-year career. Ivo has inspired individuals and entire organisations to strive for excellence, and his technical brilliance and driven personality are a crucial asset to our business.


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