Across the world today, the two biggest problem facing local councils and governments are waste disposal and power generation. Our landfills are overflowing and toxic, current waste disposal methods are unsustainable, and renewable energy sources are costly and unreliable.

Simply put, the GRID Powr goal was to create a sustainable energy solution to both of these problems – and so we did.

Unsustainable Waste Disposal

Landfills are rapidly exceeding capacity, and toxic gases leaking from the heaped waste are poisoning our atmosphere. With a large % of household waste heading straight to landfill or the incinerator, we need a better solution.

Expensive Waste Levies

Waste levies have become one of the most expensive costs to local councils. While this can achieve positive results in terms of improved recycling, it’s not a sustainable answer.

Soaring Energy Prices

Homeowners are tired of seeing energy bills jump each year. As these bills become more and more expensive, consumers become desperate for an energy solution which brings prices back down.

Unreliable Renewable Sources

Solar and wind generators are brilliant inventions – but they’re just not sustainable. Their unpredictability means backup power is always required, and their low efficiency demands near-ideal conditions for useful energy production.

The GRID Powr Solution

Landfill used to be the only answer to excessive waste. That’s no longer the case.
Our waste-to-energy technology is easy to grasp. Instead of sending waste to landfill, it is used as feed for a GRID Powr plant. Through a commercially-proven process of sorting, heating and gas filtering, we can extract the useful energy from every kilogram of ‘useless’ waste.

The plant generates a continuous source of heat or electricity which is then fed directly into local houses. Each single-module GRID Powr plant can consume the household waste of 60,000 homes and runs at a predictable schedule, meaning that councils can integrate our product without overhauling their current waste collection process.

Using only household waste as an input to the plant, we can fully power over 25% of those 60,000 homes. With the addition of medical, commercial, or industrial waste, biomass, wood chip, and sewage sludge, this technology has the power to provide a sustainable ecological solution to entire countries.

The Environment

We can completely eliminate up to 90% of waste. Our clean solution means significant CO2 emission reductions, and fewer pollutants to the local area. With waste redirected to our plants, landfill use can be reduced, and eventually disbanded entirely. This is a victory in the campaign against climate change.

The Community

As the only sustainable renewable technology on the market – production is independent of factors such as wind or cloud cover – we can keep the lights on 24-7. That means energy prices can normalise for homeowners. With worldwide directives and initiatives offering substantial rewards to those implementing renewable strategies, costly waste levies could become lucrative endorsements.

Something on Your Mind?

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