At GRID Powr, we build advanced thermal treatment systems which convert waste streams into heat and electricity. Known as ‘thermal combustion’, this is one of the world’s most efficient forms of renewable energy.

Sustainable and Renewable by Design

Solar and wind generators are brilliant inventions – but they’re just not reliable. Their unpredictability means backup power is always required, and their low efficiency demands near-ideal conditions for useful production.

Our technology eliminates that problem. Our plants are fed entirely with collected waste and we control the exact level of input at all times. This keeps our output consistent and predictable, with an input that is entirely sustainable.

A single GRID Powr module can take all household waste from 60,000 homes and produce enough electricity to fully power 25% of them. This is excluding medical, commercial, or industrial waste, biomass, wood chip, and sewage sludge – all of which can be fed into our plants to produce clean energy.

A Proven Solution

The technology is far from conceptual. Our project team has installed over 100 plants in the past 25 years, gaining a profound understanding of the technology and installation process.

In fact, our current best-in-class product has been in use across Europe for over a decade, accumulating 2.4 million uninterrupted hours of production. Our core project team hasn’t changed, and we always work the same suppliers to ensure the quality of materials and construction is second to none. Of course the technology is also fully compliant with the UK & EU regulatory frameworks for renewable energy.

The extensive work we conducted with the Slovenian government is a perfect example. We built multiple waste-to-energy sites, well within the EU framework for renewable energies, and the quality of our results speak for themselves. Read about it here.

Modular Design for Practicality

GRID Powr plants are constructed from individual modules which can be combined to offer the exact power output (or waste input) required for a specific site. Each single-module plant will also operate profitably without subsidy, at a capital cost per MWe significantly lower than competing technologies.

Our modular design hugely reduces capital risk for customers. Rather than investing in a full-scale plant upfront, it’s possible to install one single module. After verifying its performance, customers can then connect subsequent modules to reach the desired capacity. For larger plants, the significant cost savings from our economies of scale are passed directly to the customer.

While some renewable solutions create ‘eyesores’ for the general public, our plants are housed inside building which would blend into any industrial estate. Our technology is practical, affordable, and above all, effective.

Something on Your Mind?

If you’re a council member looking for new waste and energy solutions, a potential investor, or just a curious techie with some questions about our product, you can reach us directly through our contact form.

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