GRID Powr provides solutions to two of the biggest problems facing local councils and governments around the world: waste disposal and power generation. Our technology provides a closed-loop, sustainable energy solution fuelled entirely by waste.

That energy is fed directly back into local homes as heat or electricity. Unlike wind and solar solutions, our renewable technology can guarantee 24-7 power output all year round.

Here’s how it works.

Real Results

Transform up to 90% of
waste into energy
Generate power 24-7,
without interruption
Over 100 GRID Powr
plants in operation

Two Major Challenges

Unprecedented Waste

Western populations and consumption are rising faster than we can keep up. Landfills are full, and waste levies have become one of the highest costs for councils around the world. Not only are current waste disposal methods inadequate, but most are damaging to the environment.

This goes beyond simple household waste: industrial and medical waste, sewage, wood chip and biomass are all piling up.

Soaring Energy Costs

The constant rising of energy prices not only panics consumers, but it forces everyone to spend larger portions of their income on essential gas and electricity. At the same time, renewable power options are scarce, unpredictable, and expensive.

For consumers and councils alike, the situation is desperate.

One Solution

GRID Powr creates a closed-loop ecological solution to your waste and energy problems. Put simply, we take away the waste and give back clean energy.

Our waste-to-energy plants use proven combustion technology to extract the useful energy from countless types of waste, including everything from your home. We then give that energy straight back in the form of direct heat or electricity, or both.

To learn more about our solution, just hit the button below. We’ll explain how it works, why it’s so affordable, and walk you through our best-in-class modular technology.

Did You Know?

Two billion tonnes of waste is dumped
in landfill each year
669 kg of waste produced per person,
per year, in the UK
27% of waste in Europe
is incinerated
Every tonne of waste we process prevents
1 tonne of CO2 emission

Proven Technology

GRID Powr isn’t a new startup with a hazy pipedream. Our best-in-class technology has been operating in Europe for over 10 years, where our plants have accumulated over 2 million uninterrupted production hours. Our team of engineers and suppliers has worked together for several decades and we have delivered a positive return to every one of our customers.

Learn about our extensive work with the Slovenian government to see how we built multiple sites within the EU framework, and the quality of our results.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our European operations.

Executive Leadership

The success of every GRID Powr project is down to the peerless leadership and driving passion of our executive management team. Our two leaders – Ross and Ivo – have experience between them and each is an established leader in their field. Meet the team.

Ivo Kreca

Chief Technical Officer

Qualified technical engineer managing over 400 projects in waste to energy
(30 Years)

Ross Doyle

Managing Director and CFO

Instrumental in managing and developing successful projects
(25 Years)

Ready for Investment

Our technology integrates solutions to both the waste disposal and clean energy problems faced by communities across the world, and it works. The project team has installed hundreds of projects over the past 25 years, while our vastly experienced executive management team oversees the success of our global operations.

Now we’re ready to expand operations and bring our cutting-edge products to the global market, where communities, councils, and government are searching for sustainable solutions to waste and energy issues.

To learn more about our investment opportunity, download the GRID Powr investor guide or watch our investor webcast. Of course, you can always get in touch directly.

GRID Powr Investor Guide

What is Happening Around the World

Something on Your Mind?

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